2 - 5 June 2016, Alice Springs Telegraph Station Historical Reserve, Alice Springs

Section 1 - Alice Springs Telegraph Station Historical Reserve to Section 8 - Serpentine Chalet Dam, solo, with support for 36 hours of self-discovery to push your boundaries and experience your limits.

160 km of supported freedom and 36 hours to explore
2 - 5 June 2017

Alice Springs
Situated in the geographic centre of Australia, Alice Springs is the Northern Territory's third largest town, and is home to 28, 605 residents.
The surrounding region is known as the Red Centre, with Alice Springs seen as the gateway to a myraid of arid deserts featuring rugged  landscapes littered with mountainous peaks.
Alice Springs is an important tourist hub for those keen to explore Australia's Red Centre, and is only a three hour plane flight from Sydney, New South Wales via QANTAS and Virgin airlines. Alice, as it is affectionally known, is home to numerous hotels and Lasseter's Casino, with the town's economy heavily influenced by domestic and international tourism.

The Larapinta Trail
Located only a few minutes out of the Alice township, the Larapinta Trail is a 223 kilometre (139 miles) long walking track that follows the West McDonnell Ranges. Heading west from Alice Springs, the trail winds it's way through rugged mountain tops, shallow creek beds and rare native desert flora.

Given the remoteness of Alice Springs, the town is classified as having a desert climate. With a 545 metre elevation above sea level, night time temperatures can get quite low, with most day time temperatures averaging 30 degree  celsius. The Red Centre experiences a dry heat on a daily basis with a low humidity percentage and erratic rainfall.
With the inaugural Larapinta 160 to be staged in June, competitors can expect average day time temperatures of 20 degrees celsius, whilst average night time temperatures drop to around 5 degrees celsius.