Elements Ultra is not your typical event where you pay your registration fee, race the event and collect your finisher's medallion.

We are aiming to create a nationwide running community of adventurers, who are willing to support and help others to achieve running feats at the remotest of locations that are as yet, untested  and unimaginable. We hope to challenge your perceived limitations by introducing to you to places  you have never been, both physically and mentally. We will provide you with support networks from seasoned athletes, top notch trainers and amateur runners, all looking to achieve the same goals as you.

Elements Ultra will apply our corporate values to all of our events, with each of those values focussed on our core sense of community.


* Competitor safety is our number one priority
* Inspire people to run
* To challenge people to run supported in remote locations

* To create events that change people's perceptions of themselves
* To create events that change people's beliefs about what their limits are and what they are really capable of
* To be adventurous
* To be the first
* To create world class events at remote yet breathtaking locations