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This page introduces you to each of the current Compass Club Members -

For someone who only took up running just four years ago, Pip has compiled an impressive running resume in a short space of time.
An 'experience' seeker and up for an adventure, Pip combines an extremely taxing professional career with volunteer surf lifesaving, travel and is always on the lookout for the next 'story' destination.

Pip may be small in stature but her mental strength and physical stamina has carried her across some amazing finish lines, including the Comrades Marathon in South Africa, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and the Cairns Marathons to name just a few.

Pip becomes the first female ever to have completed a 42km marathon in the humidity of Cape York, the polar conditions of Cockle Creek and the endless red sand of the Lambert Centre. That's three of Australia's compass points smashed, only east and west remain.......



A legend amongst Tasmanian and Canberra running circles, Steve aims to inspire anyone to get off the couch and get moving.

Spending time with Steve, you would never guess he is retired - he an abundance of energy and drive that would put many half his age to shame. Steve started running in his late 30's and has never looked back. He may no longer be the quickest but what he does posess in spades is race smarts in EVERY  element - road, trail, sand and his two favorites, mountain and snow running.

His running career is impressive, with over 70 marathons and ultramarathons under his Speedo's, with the highlights being a 520km of the Birdsville Track, 320km Darling River Ultra, numerous Bruny Island 64km and a 63km Bush Capital Marathon being his career highlights.

Steve becomes the first male to complete marathons in the humidity of Cape York, the polar conditions of Cockle Creek and the endless red sand of the Lambert Centre of Australia. That's three of Australia's compass points knocked off, only East and West to go....


A lifetime runner, Bonnie has completed 25 marathons, including marathons in every state and territory in Australia and run on 5 continents.

Bonnie describes running as grounding and looks for events that will present a challenge. Her Top 5 marathons are an interesting list, but are meaningful to her which is what running is all about. The London, Traralgon, Wangaratta, Big Five South Africa and Sydney National Marathon Championships are a diverse mix of locations, yet all have left a lasting impression on her.

Bonnie also loves meaningful and rare race bling, hence why she has completed the Six Abbott Majors and has now completed three Australian compass points, with only East and West to go....

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